Charging cable

Is it possible to recharge a PlayStation 3 wireless remote with an Anker charge cable

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe these controllers charge using a mini usb cable which I do not believe Anker makes and if they did I do not think they carry it any more since it is not really used much except for some cameras and other rare pieces of tech.

@ktkundy is right…not aware that Anker makes that connection. Anker focuses on 3 types of cable…micro, lightning, and USB C. PS3 uses mini, not micro. I know, this is a bit insane (mini and micro sound like they should be the same thing but they aren’t).

HOWEVER - IF you have a device that does use micro, lightning, or USB-C Anker cables should be safe and effective for that product (assuming the AC adapter or battery can provide the level of charge they need :sweat_smile:)


I tried charging my PS3 controller via a wall plug a little while ago and it refused to charge for me.
But my PS4 one charges fine via any type of wall plug.

Perhaps it’s because of the fact that the PS4 one uses micro USB and not mini USB.

I’ve only ever been able to charge the PS3 controller from the console directly. I dunno if anyone else has had luck charging it from a wall outlet.

According to Google, it says “open the controller up, disconnect the battery, then put it back in, or see if there is any liquid in the controller. The most obvious way is to get a paper clip, then press the reset button with it. Turn on the PS3, connect the controller to the PS3, hold the PS button on the controller, then restart your PS3”

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I just looked at the cables Anker sells and it seems like they don’t actually sell the cable you need. Unless the cable comes with one of their product, they don’t sell the cable itself

I did use to use my Powerbank to charge mine when I played CoD too much :joy:

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I found the following picture on the interwebs that shows the difference between mini and micro USB. I believe the mini USB connection was on the way out around 2009, which was prior to when Anker was established.

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The mini standard is not used any more.
I got an old case for a hard disks with such a connection.
Same is with that strange USB type B.