Charging AAA and AA batteries with a Anker PowerCore+ 26800

I have a Anker PowerCore+ 26800 which I’m going to use on a long hiking trip that’s over 3 weeks long. For the hiking, I have a head lamp that uses AAA batteries and I want to use rechargable batteries instead. Is there a way to charge the rechargable AAA batteries with my Anker PowerCore?

If I can, what device(s) should I use to charge the AAA batteries? Also, what AAA batteries does everyone suggest? I’ve been thinking just getting the Amazon Basics.

Thank you!

Eneloops (Panasonic) are considered to be the best rechargeable battery’s you can get.

In general batteries charge via a wall port. You may be able to find a USB charger for them.

Anker just recently (today) announced AA/AAA battery’s. However they’re not rechargeable (grrrrh).

There are plenty of AA/AAA/18650 chargers that takes usb inputs (micro most of the time). You can power this charger using your 26800 :slight_smile:
For example Opus BT-C100. It takes 5V, 2A microusb input.

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You would need a USB battery charger. There are plenty of cheap ones. You can order the one mentioned by kumar or for example.

i recommend eneloops as well. they hold a charge for a long time while in storage and I have placed them in every battery operated device in my house. I stocked up when amazon has them on special.