Charging a Surface Go with a Powercore 13400mAh for Nintendo Switch

Hi everyone,

I recently bought an Anker Powercore 13400mah (Nintendo Switch edition) for the specific purpose of charging a Surface Go after seeing a couple of people on Reddit saying that it works well for the Go, and after having myself charged the Go just fine with the Switch charger.

However, unfortunately, I’m seeing very strange behaviour when plugging the powerbank into the Go. In particular, it seems to switch between ‘charging’ and ‘not charging’ every couple of seconds. I’ve left it plugged in, switching between those states for a while hoping that it’d work itself out, but that doesn’t seem to happen…

Do you think I have a faulty unit? Or is there something about this powerbank that makes it incompatible with the Go?

Thanks in advance, really want to enjoy using this powerbank

You need to make sure to press the button on the powerbank before plugging in any device. Since the USB-C port is two way, you have to press the button to initiate it to output a charge, otherwise it will try to charge itself from whatever is plugged in


This is a great tip !

with more USB-C compatible devices, users will keep seeing this scenario more often :slight_smile:

Wow I did not knew that. Will the same apply to the 26800+? I just got one but I haven’t opened yet.

If your USB c port is a two way, then yes your supposed to press the button first before plugging anything in to be charged… It’s all in the instruction book that many of us never read


I’m planing on using it to charge my Nintendo Switch, I did find out kind of late that the Nintendo versions have some special PD ratings different then the 26800+, I have read that so far no one has had any issues but I got a little concern. Any Idea if it could cause damage?

It potentially could, but other users have said it works fine. I do not own a switch so I can’t say for sure it will work. And yes I do have the same battery pack, but I also have the switch edition so I would just use that to be safe

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