Charging a PowerCore+ 26800 PD 45 Watt

I just bought a Powercore+ 26800 PD 45 Watt portable charger. Everything about it is awesome. Just 2 potentially novice questions:

  1. Can I use my 2019 15" Macbook Pro to charge it? It would be a lot easier to do so than having to always pull out the Powercore’s 60 Watt charger. But I foresee potentially the two problems would be the device wouldn’t know if it should charge the Macbook or take charge from it - and also, I’m not sure how much power is output from the USB-C ports on the Macbook. I think I read it’s only 15 watts?

  2. What would happen if I use my Macbook Pro’s Power Adapter to charge the device? I believe that is 87 Watts. Would that break the Powercore charger since it’s expecting 60 watt?

Overall, just trying to simplify all the different adapters i’m carrying around…



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You should be able to. Just make sure you don’t press the LED power wheel before you plug it in so it doesn’t start charging the MacBook. Also, expect very slow charging times.

This would be a much better solution. No problems as the PowerCore will only accept its maximum input.

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Thanks for the quick response!! :slightly_smiling_face: