Charging 2016 MacBook Pro 13 with Touchbar

Hi, I would like to know which Anker product can actually charge a 2016 MacBook Pro.

I’m not talking about charging it very slowly over time. I believe the MacBook Pro requires a 3A output with a 60 watt charger. So which portable solution can achieve this.

If anyone has tried charging the MBP with an Anker product, what is your experience? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you.

The PowerCore+ 20100!

@Leon_Chao as far as i know, we do not have a battery can charge your 2016 MacBook Pro at full speed, the good news is we are working it, you may expect a new battery for your device in the near future.

@joshuad11 have you been able to charge a Mac with a PowerCore+ 20100 ?

No. I actually don’t think it’s possible. Don’t know why I posted that comment…

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this can charge your macbook at 50% speed, so it will charge quite slowly depend on the workload or quite decent speed if the mbp is on sleep

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I have been using MacBook for a year now, so I also used the turbo charger of anker, it reyally works fine , but when One think I noticed that my laptop did not keep the charge for a long time, or my battery back up now very less, So I go to the MacBook Repair Dubai for service my laptop and They told me that the problem is on the anker turbo charger, after that i did not use the charger of another brand.