Charger with data pass-through?

Connected to Android Auto with USB, the phone charges slowly. At stops, when the phone is low, I switch it to a power bank to get the phone charge back up. I would rather just leave it connected in this situation, with the power bank passing through both power and data while the car is on, then switching to charging the phone from the power bank while the car is off. I can recharge the power bank from another source later. Is there a product that will do this?

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Not that I know because the power banks don’t allow pass-through charging.

USB Y cable? One for data one for power? Then use Android Auto for data, and a big Anker Powercore for Power, or use a 12V cig lighter Powerdrive for power.

What a USB Y cable is separate out the pins where the power ones come from a different source from the data pins. If your port is not supplying enough power then stop doing that, use a USB Y cable and have the power supplied from something with more actual power, and then just use data for data.

This sounds like USB OTB hdd drive problem from years ago.

Search for USB Y cables and buy from reputable sources in your locale.

Not that I know. If you are really curious about it, you may ask @AnkerTechnical for more information. :grin:

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Its possible that your USB connection is not putting out enough juice to allow normal phone operation as well as a charge. I was in a brand new yukon for a company trip a few weeks ago and noticed my battery dying during usage when charged into the vehicles usb slots. After some research realized the USB supplied about half of what I would need to maintain 100% battery. Just because something can run doesnt mean it is powerful enough to do so. Hope this helps

Any update on this? I am in the same situation of wishing my Android Auto device could also QuickCharge my phone.