Charger shuts down automatically when "some" devices reach full charge - a And NOT with others

I just purchased an Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 and I’ve noticed that while it “shuts down” automatically once my android phone reaches full charge, for example. Yet, EVERYTIME my Kindle fire HD 10 reaches “full charge” the Anker NEVER shuts down. It just keeps charging - regardless of whether or not the tablet is on/off. Finally, the Anker is not able to charge my iPod Classic 6th gen. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME… THANKS! I Really like the product. I just want to be certain that it’s not defective… Frankie

Some devices stop drawing power completely when fully charged while other devices continue to “trickle charge” once they get above 90% or so. Therefore, the behavior you are seeing is normal.

Unfortunately, the iPod came out prior to many of the USB charging standards we have today, so it typically needs to charge with the original adapter or a computer’s USB port.

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The issue is that there is no one best solution here. There are folks who complain when the battery turns off, and folks who complain if it doesn’t turn it itself off. Every combination works differently. Anker does now make powercore which will NOT turn themselves off - “trickle charge” models but otherwise they are intended to turn off if not draw for a period. Each device is a little different too.

Your iPod problem - try a different newer cable, the older ipod charged from specific pins in the wire.

I’d just like to say “Thank You” to all who helped answer my questions. And, just to be fair, I wasn’t trying to sound like I was ‘complaining.’ I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t defective… I guess I was just looking for some accurate answers to my questions. I needed some educating. And, believe it or not, you two folks above were more help to me than not only youtube video after video where they’re always contradicting each other, but even ANKER themselves weren’t able to answer my questions to my satisfaction, [as did both of you]. So, thanks again for taking time out to help me.** frankie

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Please read my comment below…

just wondering if you would also agree with the people who claim Anker [regular] braided USB/Micro cables are the best -or one of the top- cables available on the market?

I would agree that Anker’s cables are some of the best on the market, plus if you ever do have an issue, Anker will get you a replacement under their 18-month (or, on some cables, lifetime) warranty.