Charger + Power Bank

Please can you create a product/power bank that can charge a laptop and other devices without being plugged into the wall.

You can make it like a powerbrick that has a battery in it.
So it can be plugged into a wall and used without it as well.

This way everybody will have to carry just 1 charger that can charge everything, with AND without being plugged into the wall.

It is the ultimate charger.

The One Charger to Rule Them All.

Hope to see this product soon, I am fed up of carrying different power bricks for all of my devices.

Thank you,

Vishesh Jain

ANKER already makes this product. Look up the ANKER PowerCore fusion 5000. It can’t charge laptops but it can handle smaller devices, like tablets and smartphones.

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They have several models that can charge a laptop via USB-C if you need a power plug they make the Anker PowerCore AC, 22000mAh/85Wh Universal Portable Charger with AC Outlet (90W) for Laptops/MacBooks, and 2 USB Ports to Charge Phones and Tablets. However its been unavailable for a while.

The PowerCore AC is huge!!! I’d rather carry my charger and power bank separately.

I would like something like the PowerCore AC, but without the extra wires and smaller.
Something that can be plugged into the wall directly and used as an AC charger and when unplugged works as a powerbank to charge laptops as well.

Hope to see Anker make this soon.