Charger only charges for 3-5 Minutes, any help?

Hi all,

Recently brought the Anker 20100, using a USB to USB-C cable created by Amazon. When plugged it, it begins charging my phone - about three minutes later it stops charging and I have to press the button on the power bank to get it charging again.

This isn’t the END of the world as it still charges but it means I have to press the button every 3 minutes? Which is naturally extremely annoying, as I am taking this to glastonbury in two days. Does anyone know a fix for this?

This should not happen. Maybe try a different cable?

If that doesn’t work, contact, and they’ll send out a replacement. Unfortunately, you probably won’t get it in time for your trip.

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Sounds like a bad connection and that your phone is not receiving enough of a charge to keep the power bank powered on. Check to see if any of your ports are dirty. Although like @Insider said the problem is most likely the cable.

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Try a different cable. Hopefully it’s an easy fix and it’s just the cable. If that doesn’t work, contact Anker at .

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As already suggested, trying another cable would be a good starting point, as most points of failure are with cables…you could also try resetting the PowerCore by looping the input and output ports and then see if you still experience the same sort of behavior post reset…

Trying an another cable as everybody has suggested. Is the charger a new charger or older charger. If it is an older charger, you may want to see if the port is maybe dirty with lint or something… May not be getting a good connection.