Charger compatibility for Anker 20100mAh

I have a black shark 2 pro phone with a charger rating of 5v/3A, the Anker 20100mAh rating is 5v/2A, I was wondering if its okay to use my charger for the Powerbank, will it be safe? wont be more hotter than usual?


So there won’t be any damage to your phone, but it won’t charge as fast as the supplied charger, you’ll get 10W instead if 27W so recharge about 1/3rd normal speed.

If that is not good enough then ensure your phone begins fully charged from the supplied charger and plug in the 20100 when phone is full, that will slow the phone discharge rate and make phone last longer. Don’t wait for phone to be flat then plug in 20100.

Based on SoT

And 4000mAh, using 2/3rds rule you need 4.5W to keep the phone charged, so 10W is ample, so you’ll have no issues keeping phone charged, just if flat it will take longer to recharge.

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I already tested my new powerbank, it took 5-6hrs to full from 25% to 100%, so 20100mAh should allow me to recharge my phone atleast 5 to 6 times since I dont really drop to 0% and I only charge my phone to 80 to 90%, so far its a great powerbank, recharged twice already since yesterday and its still at 75% which looks promising and may even make to more than 5 recharges. Also it doesnt heat up when charging my phone and its also powerful since it doesn’t struggles recharging my phone even when Im using it.

My powerbank has a 4.8A output. I say I picked the perfect powerbank for me and my device! :slight_smile:

Oh, I read you wrong.

Your phone charger is a QC3 output, it will ouput 10W 2A 5V to the 20100, no harm.

Your phone eats 4.5W and Powerbank 10W so yes it does its job but not as fast as charger.

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Thanks for answering so far so good, I have no issues with my first powerbank, so glad I chose Anker :sunglasses::smile: