Charge via PowerDelivery (HP Spectre X360)

today I received a PowerCore+ 60W Charger an tried it on my HP Spectre X360 from late 2016/early 2017. When the laptop is shut down it works fine (the charge led is red and goes to white after being charged). After boot there’s a HP error message about the charger is to weak and it doesn’t load.

Can anyone help?

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According to a finding by another forum member, it looks like HP implemented this behavior by design.

For now, HP exec Mike Nash told us, only “overnight” charging, or charging while the device is off, is supported.


This who sager of the problem of using USB-C ports but not USB-PD has been my biggest annoyance of 2017.

It has caused me to park decisions to upgrade my largest laptop from proprietary 19V to USB-PD til I see proper USB-PD implementation in laptops, those which have done it have been very expensive and tests show its still immature and negotiate down easily.

I’m parked on leaving house with either a proprietary charger, or tablets with keyboards which can use 5V 2A. So i use a proprietary supplied charger on a 13" laptop at home and move with 10" or 8" tablets with Anker 5V 2A- 3A chargers.


Thanks for your replies, sad news i this case. I hoped there would be some way to fix this by software on myself.
Shame on HP for this decision, maybe the wrong place to buy a ~2000€ machine.