Charge Everything Faster | Big Discounts and Better Charging

Hey Anker Fans!

Do you ever find it difficult to dig through the hundreds and thousands of chargers out there to find the one that really suits your needs?

To help make it easier for you, we’ve arranged some of our charging tech together so that you can find the best combination to charge your devices. Not only that, but we’re also offering discounts on everything featured. So now you can start charging your phone, tablet, or laptop at high speed—and save money at the same time! There’s never been a better time to upgrade your charging setup.

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Power On!


Sweet little links. I love my chargers

I always worry bout fast charging. In the past it has deteriorated the battery. Slower charge = better battery life. I hope this isnt the case.

Thanks for putting this together, most (all?) we’d spotted already the last day+

The oddity is what is lacking in your discount.

The Powercore 26800 45W has not been discounted in a long time, and I’d expect that before you announce the 60W version.

The “only charger you need” argument is compelling but as many laptops need 60W you lack an announcement of an upgrade for a dual port C+A 60W+15W 85W wall charger.

I am looking forward to these announcements.

It can, and it depends. Heat accelerates lithium Ion cells ageing, so you should be wary of any charging which makes a device feel warm.

In general, a physically larger device can dissipate heat better so more Wattage in larger devices like larger tablets. You should also research the cell voltage in a teardown video and charge at a slightly higher voltage than the cell, so for a typical phone that is 5V, typical larger tablet 9V.

If you’re buying portable chargers, buy the lowest power which is just powerful to keep the device charged, and plug it in proactively.

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It is technically on sale.

Better discount at Best Buy.

The 60W charger is $25 today, so $98 for 26800 45W, when it contains at most $20 more expensive components than the usual $50 of the 26800 10W…

There’s a $20-$30 margin for price drop in there on Amazon and still headroom on the $100 bestbuy. $50+$20+$25 = $95.

Price must be kept high to make the discount coming look good so it sells before the 60W comes out?

$4 per 3350 18650, case, plus:

+20% margin, I get to $62, add $25 charger bundle never gets me above $90 for bundle. It’s an oddly high price, either people are paying for it (keeps price pressure low) or its simply pegged there to make $90 $140 35% discount look good.


Note the 45W 26800 bundle with charger is $99

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