Charge Anker SoundBuds Slim by Anker Power Bank


I have just purchased Anker SoundBuds Slim, and I wonder if it is possible to charge the earbuds using Anker Power Bank 20000 mA, would it damage the batteries of the earbuds ? or it is OK ? Correct me if i’m wrong but I think the output of my power bank is approx. 2 A ?

Anyone here in forum is using power bank to charge it ? and how long does it take to be fully charged ?


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I’ve used PowerCores to charge my various SoundBuds in the past but it can be hit and miss on whether it retains connection long enough to fully charge due to the low current the SoundBuds require, normally at around 0.1A. Charging via a computer USB port etc is a more stable way.

As for whether it will damage the SoundBuds trying, they will only pull the maximum current they can 0.1A, likewise the PowerCore will only push the maximum it can for the device attached.

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Just charge your phone at the same time and it shouldn’t turn off due to the current draw being too low.

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I almost never have an issue on the smaller powercores. But I normally just use an Anker wall charger or Anker charging hub. Sometimes an OEM cellphone wall charger. These seem to charge them quickly and are more stable. Sometimes my powercores won’t charge them.

Hi @Huy_Khoa_Nguyen,

There is no problem to charge SoundBuds Slim with our Anker Power Bank 20000 mA.
Our power bank will automatically turn off after the headphones is full charged.:grin:

No disrespect but I do not think that is true, the headphones reduce their input draw as they approach fully charged, and then the Powercore turns itself off. To mitigate you either keep pressing the power button repeatedly until buds fully charged, or use a smaller bank with a lower cutoff level which is what I prefer, a Mini+ is good. Or connect 2 things like a phone and the buds and the phone keeps the Powercore awake and then keeps the buds charging til fully charged.

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If your phone supports OTG, you can charge the soundbuds with your phone. Just get an OTG micro usb to regular usb adaptor. Then plug in your charging cable from the phone to the soundbuds. Doesn’t use hardly any of your phone battery (especially if you have a big battery).