Changing the opening photo on eufy ecam

Does anyone out there know how to change the opening or shown photos on the eufy camera app? I have 5 cameras and several of them imprinted right as I turned the camera on. I would like to delete these photos and have the cameras take new ones. Thanks

Assuming you are referring to the images used to help identify each camera, just view a live stream to change it. The image is saved from the most recent live view from the camera.

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@djw is correct.

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Thats actually not true. Mine will update maybe once every 8 hours of some random motion detection. I’ve tried live viewing multiple times and I’ll still have night vision images at 1pm the next day.

It is! (… at least for most of us). Check your firmware, i guess it’s hardly outdated. Maybe is “has been” like this some time ago. But currently and for a long time the pictures are updated right after a live view session. And it makes no sense that eufy would use different settings and firmwares for different continents.

Although we noticed some “different” case with the timestamp in the past months. Some users reported they have totaly different timestamp formats then the rest" of the world".

So probably we all do have our own personalized, regional, private and rare firmware versions … :joy:
No wonder eufy can’t catch up with the issue fixing and feature implementation and the range extender and the solar panel when they 24/7 only program thousands of personal firmwares :grin:

Do you think that this camera are compatibile with arlo system ?

Thank you djw! It wouldn’t change automatically but if I double clicked on the scissors/photo icon below the live stream it worked!! I so appreciate your help. I love that a community reaches out to others in need, Thanks everyone for chiming in. This eufy security system is fantastic.

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Can you double check this and confirm?

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Thank you for reply

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