Change songs with SoundBuds Sport

Hi there, does anyone know if there is a way to do tracks control with a SounBuds Sport?

I know some BT headphones have this capability, but not sure if Anker has implemented it.

If I remember correctly it’s the play button twice. I’ll have to look up the info. There is another post that I believe has a similar question. Click the search button and search Soundbuds Sport


Yes there is, like @Isaac_Schloss said double tap the play/power button to skip tracks. Also depends on the Music player used some do not have full button control functionality. Spotify Pandora Google Play Music and SoundCloud all seem to function as expected when skipping tracks.

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You are correct. It also works on YouTube on your phone.

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Imo Goole play music is the best bang for your buck and also allows access to YouTubeRed witch allows you to play YouTube playlists in the background or with your screen off. It also gives you access to YouTube music.