Change/set bluetooth name of soundcore powerconf

We bought 4 powerconfs into our office, and most of our colleagues have all of them paired via Bluetooth and it’s impossible to tell which one is nearby. Is there a way to change the Bluetooth name for the device (e.g. Powerconf - Room A, Powerconf - Room B, etc)?

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I think this can be done via Win, OS, Android and even with LINUX I can do that
(though its a little bit tricky as usual :smiley:)

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@Zs1 This can be done individually on everyone’s smartphone / PCs … but not on the device itself. Anker Engineering team will need to include this in the firmware code, to configure via the Soundcore App, and apply via the firmware update.

Short Term: Now available Now
Long Term: May be (:crossed_fingers:) available sometime in future, i know there are speakers which have this option.


How do I change the name on my iPhone? there is no option for changing the name in the Bluetooth device settings.

Check my youtube video link on how to change the display name of Anker PowerConf on iPhone (using iOS14)

Thanks but I dont have the “Name” field option on mine.

I have iOS 13.6.1 and it indicates “Your software is up to date.”

Maybe because I have the iPhone SE?