Chaerging the battery

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I recently purchased a 26800, its charged the first time, but subsequently it will not accept a charge, any advise?


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Sorry that you’re having issues with charging. Perhaps try another cable… might just be a faulty cable. And if that doesn’t solve the problem, try charging it in a different location… wall vs computer, etc. If you still can’t get it to charge, contact and they will definitely help you troubleshoot or replace the unit. :slight_smile: Hope that helps.


Thanks, will do!

Hi, your charger Support 5V and 2/3A Output ?
And which version do you have?
PowerCore+ 26800 PD Input: 5V 3A / 9V 3A
PowerCore+ 26800mAh Input: 5V 2A / 9V 2A
PowerCore 26800 Input : 5V 4A / 5V 2A per Port


26800 mAh/96.48Wh

All have the same mAh and Wh number . The exact description will help.

Its certainly possible that I do not understand how to describe it to you. The guide that came with the battery lists the exact same specifications the you show in the box.

Okay, then you have two charger Inputs.
Try 2 chargers at the same time with 5V / 2A at both charger.
If that not help, then contact the anker Support.
Hope this help you :thumbsup:

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I’ve changed cables, where I plug it in and even the unit I plug it into, we’ll see what happens.

Thanks all for taking the time to reach out.

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I had a similar problem with my PowerCore II 20000. I was trying to charge it with a 1A apple charger and it wouldn’t work.

I have since switched to an Anker 2-port wall charger at 2.4A and it charges properly now.


You should definetely try with another charger.

hi everyone… just got the 10400 power core should i wait until its empty so i can recharge it ? or should i give it a full charge before i use it ?

Hi @Anas_Sherif,
You can charge it full now. Anker’s batteries do not have a memory effect, so you may charge them whenever convenient. If you plan to store the battery for an extended period, it’s best to leave it at about a 60% charge. Also, try not to leave the battery totally discharged (0%) for extended periods.

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