CES 2019 Recap

Man, CES was a doozy. Not only were we surrounded by top tier tech, but we introduced many products of our own! We’re glad you went on this journey with us. Go here and peep our update post if you’re a bit late on our unveiled products!

The Winners

Before we get into the nostalgic memories, there was talk of two community members winning our contest on our Behind the Scenes post. Congrats to @tiagomota and @joshuad11! Send us your address information in a message and reply to this post letting us know you have messaged us.The winners on our Facebook page have been announced in the comments on the original Facebook post.

Now, let’s get to business.

The Stories

The story of Anker at CES can only be said in so many ways… so we included some articles below for the full scope!

Mac Rumors

Digital Trends

Android Police

The Verge

The Awards


Our Atom PD 1 and Atom PD 100W were both selected as CES 2019 Innovation Award Honorees in the Computer Accessories Category.

The Atom PD 1 had also won Android Police’s ‘Best of CES 2019’!

And a pin…

According to the NPD group, Anker has achieved the Fastest Turning Brand Per Item in the Portable Power Packs category!


The Bolt won the CES Technobuffalo Choice Award and the 2019 GottaBeMobile CES Editor’s Pick award.


The Soundcore Journey won an honoree spot for the CES 2019 innovation award in the headphones category!

The Wakey won the Slickdeals Editor’s Choice for CES 2019!


Nebula Prizm II Pro, our Full HD Multimedia Projector Powered by Android TV™, also won 9TO5TOYS’ “Best of CES 2019” award.

The Journey

Actions speak louder than words. In today’s world, so do pictures.

The masses converged

The path… was treacherous

There were twists and turns

But we made it

A little look inside…


The Soundcore side of things

Hello eufy

Our charging section

Can’t forget Pepcom!! (For those not in the know, Pepcom is a media-only event where we lifted the embargo on all of our new products!)

Thanks for stopping by!


Congrats on the CES success & awards @AnkerOfficial some nice products are in the line up :slight_smile:

Congrats also to @tiagomota & @joshuad11 on the guess the products win :clap: :clap:


Well done Anker! Hopefully one day I will be able to attend CES and meet you guys. :slight_smile: Congrats to @tiagomota and @joshuad11. :slight_smile:


@AnkerOfficial, you had a really great showcase this year!
Can’t wait for everything to be released! :smile:
Congratulations to @tiagomota and @joshuad11.

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Those two seem to know everything! :laughing:

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Congrats to lucky winners @tiagomota and @joshuad11 :sunglasses:


Congrats @AnkerOfficial on all of the accolades! Well deserved and many more in the future!

Congratsto @tiagomota and @Joshuad11 on your keen sense of hidden Anker products!


Well done Anker. Another award winning CES. You guys keep getting better and better.

Well done @joshuad11 & @tiagomota :clap:

Look forward to some of these hitting the UK


I was so caught up with the gift box - which I’m enjoying very much - that I forgot all about the CES guessing game! I just messaged you the address information.

Congrats @joshuad11!

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Thanks @AnkerOfficial and everyone! Also congrats to @tiagomota! Looking forward to giving the Liberty Air a shot.

I really want to see what are inside those 2019 product guides!

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Congrats you guy!! you’re like Anker wizards

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Congratulations @tiagomota and @joshuad11!

Congrats Anker for a successful CES 2019 !


Congrats to the winners. @AnkerOfficial how many did you have, if a power cut like last year happened?


Awesome stuff! Congrats on the awards, Anker! And congrats @tiagomota and @joshuad11!


Well done on all the awards! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some of the new products!


Congratulations @AnkerOfficial on the awards. Awesome !!

Congratulations to @joshuad11 and @tiagomota on the wins :thumbsup:


Nice work, I need to get out there one year. It would be like a vacation for me. It would fill my inner geek happiness.

Congratiulations ! And thanks for this picture show, so we can virtually join a little bit …

OK, so what exactly is the Atom PD 100W

Is it a wall plug or power bank?