CES 2019 Preview!

CES 2019 is almost here! The annual consumer electronics show is from January 8 to January 11 this year. As usual, we can expect to see all-new products from Anker Innovations in the following areas:

  • Audio/High-End/High Performance
  • Other Consumer Technology
  • Smart Home
  • Wireless Devices

What do you hope Anker unveils at CES? Personally, I’m looking forward to more portable chargers with PD. Let us know what you wish to see down below!

Stay tuned to the Anker Community for full coverage of all the forthcoming announcements! If anyone plans on attending, we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d share your pictures from the Anker Booth!


More USBC 3 leads n devices

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Probably some more soundcore and eufy devices… a smart thermostat which I think will be a brilliant move considering all other smart devices.


What’s the point? Many they “announce” won’t actually be able to be bought in 2019 if the same mindset is in charge.


We’re preparing this great event and the community will bring more latest news in January for you guys! Stay tuned! :wink:


More audio products and usb-c :sunglasses::heart_eyes::yum:

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Well you have a choice. You can either fully explain the new CES products here so we can be informed, or not have to guess at snippets on youtube days later like the last couple of years.

Where does this community sit in your pecking order?

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You promised things back… The pu page is changing and from… It will be a beta page.

In reality, most of us had to have our settings reset, and the page became a discount page instead :confused:

A winky face at the end of a paragraph normally means, what you just read is probably just a joke… The equivalent of saying… I had my fingers crossed!

PowerCore AC

To be fair they did say the power user page was going to strictly discount codes as they were moving away from free products. As far as beta testers go they email those who they want to select, I’m not sure how they vet the process but that’s how it has been in the past

Beta would require an NDA which would require knowing the person in real life so you can sue them if they divulge. Usually tech journalists who travel to China, trade shows, etc. Anon in a forum isn’t sufficient “its only me, I won’t tell!”.

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They said the pu would be used for beta from October.

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There is a lot of confusion as usual.
Hope this will be cleared in 2019.
The officials here can enlighten us, if they want. :sunglasses:

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This is one conference I hope I can attend one day! I’m hoping to see more smart speakers (with Alexa or Google Assistant built-in) in 2019!

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If Anker follows the same schedule as last year, we should learn about all-new products within the next 12 hours! Are you excited?

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Yes, excited. I am curious on the new soundbar. I hope it has the possibilitie to connect additional speakers to it and provides an app with a good equalizer

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More usb c all the way and a smaller powerbank with an ac port so I can charge anything kind of like the one ravpower has. Excited to see anything Anker has to offer!!

All the stuff so seems to be “big things” (cars, TVs, expensive laptops). Waiting for smaller things.


Live now.

Beer making device @fhassm

Nothing from Anker yet.