Cell phone data doesn't work on Homebase 2

I’m wondering why when I leave my house I can’t access my homebase 2 and cameras with my cell phones data plan. I get the pop up warning about using data but then it says it can’t connect and tells me to retry. I do have a cheap cell phone plan, H20 Wireless, I’m wondering if it’s an issue on their end. It would be really nice to get alerts when I’m not home.

While I’m here, I’d also like to add that the Eufy products are excellent. Set up was super easy and everything works far better then I expected.

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It could be the router, maybe a port forwarding issue?
Was it a free router supplied by your ISP or your own that you’ve configured?
Might be worth a quick chat with your ISP.

I don’t have the Homebase so not sure if there are any setting there to only make it accessible locally.

Keep us up to date with you progress @vision2

Working now. I contacted my cell provider and they reset something. Then I rebooted the Homebase 2. I now get my alerts and videos when I’m away from home. The cell service here is poor at best so sometimes I don’t get decent video quality but at least I can check in to see whats going on now without the need for wifi.


Hey @vision2
Sorry for the delayed reply. That’s really great news and so please you’re up and running.
All the best.

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Did your phone company say why it didn’t work and what they did?

I’m thinking it’s probably they stop any kind of media streaming apart from a few?

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Glad you got things figured out

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