Celebrate Father’s Day with Roav

Hi, Roav fans!

Whether they’re picking us up from soccer practice on a rainy Saturday afternoon or teaching us to drive, so many of the most memorable moments we spend with our dads and father figures involve cars.

With Father’s Day almost upon us, we want to celebrate this connection with an exclusive community competition. We’d like you to share with us the best moments you experienced with your father while on the road. As long as it involves your dad or father figure, a vehicle, and a special memory, we want to hear it!

To enter, simply write your story in the comments down below and share it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #OnTheRoavWithDad. We’ve got 18 prizes to give away, so enter now for a chance to win!


  1. Share this event on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #OnTheRoavWithDad and tell us an unforgettable story in the comments below for the chance to win 1 of 18 Roav prizes.

  2. First prize: Dashcam Duo (3 winners)
    Second prize: DashCam A1 (5 winners)
    Third prize: SmartCharge F0 or SmartCharge T1 (10 winners in total)

  3. Open to residents in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

  4. The event runs from June 4th to June 11th, 2019.

  5. We will announce the winners on June 11th, 2019.

  6. Roav reserves the right of final explanation on the campaigns and winning submission.

Announcing Father’s Day Story Contest Winners

Thank you for participating in our Father’s Day Story Contest! We are thrilled with all of the heart-warming and memorable responses.

Happy Father’s Day to all of our great dads, and congratulations to our winners!

First prize: @xiixcg, @ARTHUR_BRIAN_MOTT, @Tank

Second prize: @Fuu_bar, @star100x, @Quinn_Armstrong, @Oggyboy, @gstonge

Third prize:
@Duane_Lester, @Bryson_Cleveland1, @stevebrantleydesigns, @JLS1967, @Timothy_Davidson, @Ellen_Stafford, @Monk3e, @Insider, @eistee888, @Curtis_Lu1


What About Discounts On Fathers’day?

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Father’s day was last week here in Germany.


Cool cool cool I have many :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Great event! :ok_hand: Thanks @AnkerTechnical :heart_eyes:

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Very cool anker! Can’t wait to read all the story’s :blush:. Good luck everyone!

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I knew this was coming :thumbsup: great event, thank you @AnkerTechnical

Best of luck to everyone!

Thanks for the opportunity @AnkerTechnical and good luck to everyone

June 16th in Britian

i like the hashtag. Good luck everyone


My parents were divorced and I would go to my father’s house on the weekend. From time to time my dad and stepmother would take us out to eat and go to the movies. One day as we were driving home my father saw a road side show. The truck has on it Willie the Whale. So my father ask us if we wanted to go see the whale. We being fairly young said sure. So my father buys the tickets and we enter the truck. As we walk through it, We were not able to tell what it really was and from my recollection, it was just a big piece of carpet behind glass. Even 40 years later, we will kid my father anytime we are on the road with him and kid him that he spent about 20 dollars for 3 kids to go see a rolled up carpet. I did post it on twitter, FYI.

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That’s me out of the competition then!

No dad or father figure.

All I have is a good memory from many many years ago, when I was just 9/10 and a male volunteer at the children’s home, took me away for the weekend. Just the 2 of us… Nope, no abuse on this occasion! All I knew was I’d be away for a couple nights as the staff told me I had a bag packed.

Even better, was allowed to smoke in the car :wink: it was a fantastic weekend away from the home, and it kept me buzzing for weeks.

One of the rare really happy moments of my childhood.

No point winning a prize, as I don’t drive (not allowed to for medical reasons) and the stepdaughter is such a moody cow, she can buy whatever car tech she wants, after last time of giving her a car charger n spirit X, and not a single bit of gratitude.

Good luck all.


I have lot of Dashcams, will pass this event, hope more deserving participants win this competition.

Will love to read by all the moments :blush:

Where to begin. I am a driver by heart. If I am going somewhere with someone, I am the one who wants to drive. I have put numerous amounts of miles on my car doing so, causing issues with leases by going over miles, but it is who I am. Something about being behind the wheel and the open road is just a feeling that I cannot ever give up. My dad is similar but not to the extent that I am when it comes to it, but he is still the one who wants to drive when possible. Growing up, my dad was a car guy at heart. He worked in an auto detail shop, learned everything he could from anyone he could, and taught me everything I know about cars (brakes, oil changes, fuel lines, head gaskets, etc). After I was born, he ended up being diagnosed with MS which caused him to have to give up what he loved for a government desk job. Although he is functional to a degree, he still has a lot of lag when it comes to movement, but thankfully was never fully debilitated from it. He has always had his eye on getting a 1967 Corvette Stingray. It has been his dream car since he was younger and never cared about what it looked like as he would build it from the frame up if that was the case. He has found numerous ones throughout the years, but never one that was in the right price range or was not a total loss that would be more work than it would be worth.

Fast forward to 3 years ago when he (thanks to the internet) found one that was about 150 miles from our home. I decided that I would go with him on the trip so he would not be bored out of his mind in the car. He still drives a 2004 Chevy Impala due in part to me totaling his Monte Carlo, whereas I drive a hatchback that he hates driving in. I am not keen on his car driving that far, so I opted to rent a car for us. I tried to find something that we could have fun with, but couldn’t find anything within 50 miles that would suffice, so I reached out to a friend that works for GM to see if he could help out. The position he is in gives him a decent amount of abilities to be able to help out, so he contacted me back to see if a 2015 Chevy Corvette z06 would work. I jumped at the opportunity like any reasonable person would.

I headed over to my parents home early in the morning after picking the car up, telling him that I had a surprise for him while I was on the way. The look on his face when I pulled up in a cherry red z06 was priceless. I hopped out, tossed him the keys and told him that we need to be “careful” (as much as someone can be with 650hp).

That drive was one to remember. We took the long way to get to the sellers home, making sure to find the windiest road possible and one that would allow us to open it up and see what it was made of. He was like a kid in a candy store, wide eyed on every shift, topping it out at speeds I was surprised he could handle, and having an all around good time. By the time we got to the sellers home, we had gone through 2 tanks of fuel, but it was well worth it. The deal ended up not going through because of some frame damage, and he is still on the prowl for his elusive '67, but that day was spent tearing around Michigan in a car neither of us will plan on owning anytime, all while laughing and smiling along the way.

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Good luck to everyone that enters :slight_smile: And Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddies out there.

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There are so many stories but the one that stands out the most was the day we got my dad’s car ready for a buyer. Someone at the local gas station inquired about buying my dad’s 1977 cutlass supreme. They were going to but it in as it condition even though it was a leak. I remember helping him drilling a hole in the floor in front of each of the back seat to drain any rain that leaked in.

I think the best road trip I had with my dad was driving to his new Florida home from Los Angeles. It took us total 4 days of driving, driving 8hours every day. We were driving his 16’ truck with nothing but radio on his car. It would have been much nicer if Roav SmartCharge F0 was available at the time to stream music from my phone to the car using radio, but unfortunately this was 5 years ago.

Anyways, it was no where close to boring because scenery was beautiful throughout the trip. We went through high dessert of Arizona, Sandy dessert of Texas, Mangrove swamps of Louisiana, and finally Sunny and forever green Florida. In addition to all the scenery changes it was time when we had super moon. Super big moon rising at the Arizona dessert horizon was one of best moon rise I saw in my life. Only if we had one of the Dashcams installed on his truck, we could have recorded that moon rise and shared with the community right now.

But reason why this trip was so memorable was that my dad and I talked so much about life, god, family, and my life goals. It was time when we were not doing well financially and some of the talks we had helped me get through the time for the next few years.

It may not seem so special for some, but it was very special moment for my dad and I. We still talk about how much fun it was during our yearly family gathering.


There are some great stories in this thread already :clap: keep them coming guys :thumbsup:


It is undeniable that father‘s words always make us feel meaningful.:sunglasses:

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