Cat tries to catch a rodent!

Camera Quality is superb and Motion sensor captures everything even on Humans Only mode as the video clip shows
Uploading video soon once I work out how to !
How do I upload the video
Apologies I not tech savvy !

[Mod Edit: Added the video to the original post]

And? More?..

No worries… it would probably be easiest to upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and post a link to it in your post.

Thank you
Will do that

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Sorry I was to quick. :wink:
You will get this.
You might copy the link of the video, that’s all:
Cut & paste :smiley:

Hope this works !
Not a lot to see as it all happened so quickly :laughing::laughing:


Thanks man
All good :laughing::laughing:

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Nice, thanks to eufycam :grin:
Now you can copy this link to the original thread so people are not confused if they stumbled upon the post and looking for a video instead of scrolling through comments here…


i guess i have to invest in these since everyones been saying how good they are lately


You may get them free if you are lucky enough… spread the word…


yeah, same feeling here


Good idea… I’ve gone ahead and added it. The cat is definitely determined! :smile_cat:


This is cool! I like the new ideas!

Nice username @eufys :joy:

:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::smiley_cat: Meow?

very creative :joy:

Real life Tom and Jerry in action :cat: :mouse: :joy:

Nice video share!

i love that cartoon so much that really brought back some memories

Tom and Jerry is a stress buster, still sneak in and watch with my kids on BoomerangTV :joy:

i used to watch when i was younger all the time when i went to my neighbors house. my brother dies of laughter at it all the time and its one of the few shows that to this day we still agree on watching

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