Casting or Nebula Connect suddenly not working

I brought my Nebula Capsule 2 with me on holiday to Morocco. Suddenly I can’t cast from Netflix on my iPhone to the Nebula capsule 2. (Prime video does cast!) The Nebula Connect app also can’t find the Nebula Capsule 2.
Also Screen mirroring doesn’t see my Nebula Capsule. Both devices are on the same WiFi.

Just did the updates. Rebooted everything several times.

Can anybody help me out?

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this case to our attention.

First, please be noted that Chromecast on Capsule 2 currently doesn’t support Netflix content. But you can install Netflix on Capsule 2 directly. Please try the following steps:

-Install Nebula Manager from Google Play Store
-Install Netflix through Nebula Manager

And for screen mirror with iPhone, you will also need to install Airpin Pro app from Nebula Manager first as well.

You will need to use the Nebula Connect app’s mouse mode to control Netflix though. I see you mentioned you couldn’t connect to the Nebula Connect app. Would you mind contact us at with the following information so that we could help?

  • Your iPhone model and OS
  • Nebula Connect app version
  • Capsule 2 firmware version: settings>device preferences>about>firmware version

We will try best to help you out. Thank you!

Anker Support Team