Cases for Android phones?

I’ve heard good things about the Anker cases for iPhones whether the charging or regular ones. So I wondered if there’s any plans for Anker to make Android cases?

I would definitely buy one if they started making some for the Samsung Galaxy series. I use a Otterbox case currently for my Galaxy S6 & a Mophie charging case for when I’m out (along with my PowerCore mini in my purse as a backup). I like those brands the most for cases right now, but would definitely switch to Anker if they made them.

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Same here, i would also use Anker cases if they were for Android


Unfortunately anker does not have them for Samsung, so I use spigen. But I would really like Anker to do it for Samsung and not just for IPhone


I agree. I would love to see Anker make a case for the Samsung Galaxy phones. I have the S6 and the S7 Edge. I would buy an Anker case for both phones in a heart beat if they were available.

It would be difficult as there are thousands of Android phone models, whereas iPhone only has a few models.

True, but they could make some for the most popular brands like the Samsung Galaxy series, HT series, etc. similar to what Mophie does with charging cases.

They primarily have iPhone products, but they also release charging cases for the Galaxy series as well which is what I end up buying. So Anker could do that.

Thanks very much for your interest in Anker case. And we will forward your feedback to our product team for further development.

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Looks from this thread that they might be looking at expanding. The thread is worth a look and you have the chance to win some Anker goodies :grin: