Car stereo system

Does anker have future of plans for a car stereo system? What would be the best anker brand to watch for this?

Thanks in advance!

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Probably Soundcore, but possibly Roav.

We did think that Zolo was dead but apparently there’s a new Zolo product coming out so that’s a possibility too.

Anker tends to stick to accessories rather than primary products, though, so I think a stereo is unlikely. They’re more likely to make things you plug into the stereo.

If they make one that can compete with Alpine at a fraction of the cost and with more technology then let me know when it is available. Definitely interested! Alpine is the king of car stereos!

With Roav Viva and Bolt, believe Anker Roav can make few software improvements and get the car audio system done
As it is, everything nowadays tether to smart phones, car play or Android auto.

May be a clamp-on HUD system, which attaches to the car’s existing system and enhances the features