Car starter charging cord replacement

Hi, lost my portable car starter charger cord. Replacement hard to find on the site

I could be wrong but I don’t believe your can buy the charger cord separately on the site. I would advise emailing to enquire about a replacement.

Which of the 3 cords you lose?

You have a highly proprietary looking jump cables (croc clips) but that wall charger looks fairly generic. You should see written on the device its input voltage and from the pictures, what is… 2.5mm pin? You should get from Anker the polarity, voltage and pin size then look for a replacement.

Thanks my firends @nigelhealy@ndalby. Hi @kevin_minney, any quality related problem of Anker products, please feel free to contact us via We will try to solve the problem for you. Thanks!:relaxed:

did you read the ask? It isn’t quality its a replacement charging cord…