Car charger not working

I have a power drive 2 and a power drive 2 lite, both appear the same to me but yet I cannot use the power drive 2 in my wife’s car, only the power drive lite works for her. We both drive a Saab 9-5 so the plugs are the same. Any idea why one would work and not the other?

That’s an interesting issue, @elmo41683!
For the car charger that is not working: could you try rotating the Power Drive while it it is in the cigarette lighter port to see if starts working? It’s possible that it’s not making a good contact to the port.
If all else fails, feel free to reach out to

I have tried rotating it while it’s plugged in to see if it catches differently but same thing still doesn’t work. Out of curiosity I also tried the back cigarette lighter port and same thing, works in my car but not hers.

So my wife pointed out to me that the power draw 2 is longer than the power draw 2 lite, I took a look and compared then and she’s right. Still don’t get why it won’t work I her car though when it does mine…I did check to see if their was a design change from my year and hers and there was none.

I don’t know of a car that can disable the socket from sensing if its being used or not. Probably a size issue. How much in does the charger go into your car compared to the other?

They go in the same, as I mentioned both cars are the same just different model years. And the socket, I measured with a caliper is the same size

is there a difference in voltage on the cars? Im just trying to make sense of this lol

also on the Lite:
“• If a port isn’t working properly, your device may have triggered the protective internal safety switch. In order to reset the switch, unplug all cables for five minutes and retry.
• This charger is not compatible with the iPod nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, HP TouchPad and Asus tablets.”
the regular one just has the first bullet point listed.

I doubt the car is sensitive to disable a 2A draw compared to 1A

Same 12 volt the cars. No voltage difference between the two.

Not gonna worry about it anymore. Forgot I won a PowerDrive 2 Elite with built in Micro USB via the power draw contest so as long as that works in her car it’s the one that will stay there

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Sometimes it’s a problem with a fuse on your car

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If the fuse were blown, nothing would’ve worked on the socket.

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I’m in need of a new car charger now since I broke my power drive 2 in my wife’s car…turns out her socket was bad and I had to yank my charger out and it broke the tabs on the side. Found out it wasn’t making contact at the back of the socket so I pushed the regular power drive in all the way and then it got stuck…but it did work until I went to remove it and broke it😓