Car Charger for Samsung Galaxy S9 with Exynos Chipset (and other two devices)

Too many terms involved in searching for best car charger… Could you recommend a car charger for charging two (or three) devices simultaneously:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 with Exynos Chipset (USB C Port - Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging)
  2. iPad 9.7 (2017) (Lightning Port - 5V - 2A - 15W)
  3. nVidia Shield Tablet (miniUSB Port - ?)

I think this charger would suit your needs :wink:.

OK - but I am not sure if I can make use of it. I don’t even own USB C cables - on charger’s side. My Samsung Galaxy is not capable of using the charging speeds from the charger you recommend (or is it?). The same applies for both tablets (or doesn’t it)?

Wouldn’t it be sufficient to buy any model with a half price? But which one?

I assumed you had a USB-C charger for your s9, which is why I recommended that one.

This one should be a suitable replacement…

Go with the first one @TechMan recommended and pick up a USB c to c cable, that will charge your phone at the fastest rate allowed. And just use the USB port to charge your iPad and shield

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And what is a real benefit using 49.5W Car Charger with one USB C and one USB A port instead of 30W Car Charger with two USB A ports - related to my devices, mainly Samsung Galaxy S9?