Capual Mark 1

HI all
Just brought the nebual capsule projector mark 1.

I am having trouble with the Internet. It say its connected but won’t down load anything. It says please verify connection???
I have checked the time and date, restarted router, factory reset.
If I hot spot of my phones 4g it works fine ???
I am with bt broadband, has anyone else had problems.
Thanks stu

Hi @stuartclaireb can you perform a factory reset from Setting - > General and setup internet connection, to see if this works.

Also try to make sure your DNS servers on home router for Wifi uses Google to ensure the DNS is not blocking the access.

You may write to Nebula Support to get response as well!

I have completed a factory reset, but no change. With BT home hub it will not let you change to Google dns ???

So the issue is only when you connect Nebula Capsule with Wifi on BT Broadband , and it works fine with Hotspot on your Phone’s 4G?

If Yes – issue with Nebula Capsule connecting to services and BT Broadband is blocking the access, mostly related to DNS. There are apps you can connect and check for the DNS - but it is additional work, some utilities are available on Aptoide App store, install via Phone’s 4G and check the DNS while connected to BT Broadband.

If No – issue may be with Nebula Capsule itself, please contact Nebula Support