Capsule max will not see my JBL extreme Bluetooth speaker

Hi I can’t see my JBL Bluetooth speaker when I search for it in the Bluetooth menu. My IPad connects to the speaker no problem and I can control the capsule via Bluetooth with the nebula app on my IPad, so I assume Bluetooth function works. My speaker is about 3 years old and the capsule is a few months old. Any suggestions ?

Put your speaker into pairing mode and make sure nothing else is paired to it.

Hi thanks for the reply, it’s in paring mode as it makes a “ dum dum dum” sound when it’s looking for pairing. I tried turning the capsule on and off, re booting it, then pressing the search on the capsule first, or pressing the search on the speaker first, in any combination, and nothing comes up on the capsule to see “ JBL extreme speaker” yet when I check on any of my devices, I can see the speaker is looking for connections.
I was wondering if there is a patch, or anyone else has the same issue, or is there a fault with my capsule. I will try it with some of my other BT speakers, and see if it can’t see any of them.

The speaker may be stuck in an incompatible version from its last connection.

So sequence is:

  • delete all pairings
  • turn Bluetooth off of everything the speaker was paired with other than the Capsule.
  • turn off the speaker
  • turn off the capsule
  • turn on the capsule
  • turn on the speaker
  • speaker should be in pairing mode (if not you’ve left something on it was once paired with, if so then delete those pairings as go back the top step)
  • capsule should now see it and pair with it.

If this works then what happened is you’d connected the speaker to something else which was Bluetooth 5. The capsule max has an old Bluetooth version of 4.2. The speaker cannot connect to something other than Bluetooth 5 until it’s been powered off/on. Once you’ve got pairing to work, if you get the speaker not connecting to capsule then turn speaker off/on and then connect, you don’t need to do all the above steps again.

I’ve connected the capsule to a cheap Bluetooth speaker that I have so I know it’s not the capsule, but as you said is probably not seeing the JBL due to differences in Bluetooth versions.

I checked the JBL specs, that uses BT ver 4.1

It’s not the Bluetooth versions which is the problem, it’s the disconnect and connect to different versions without a power off/on.

Turn the speaker off then on to make it forget the last version it connected. Ensure what it was last connected to has Bluetooth off.

It’s the using it between different versions of Bluetooth causes the issue, it is chipset dependent, some let a simple disconnect / connect to swap, some need a disconnect / power off / on / connect.

Ok I have success, as I could link up with the cheap speaker, I presumed it wasn’t the capsule, I then tried to upgrade firmware on the JBL, no success as they have crap apps that don’t function for the extreme ver 1 , then I tried a reset on the JBL speaker, by pressing the pause and + buttons together. This then paired to my iPad straight away, but wouldn’t pair to my capsule. Turned off the IPad, still didn’t connect with capsule, reset again with everything off but the capsule, and bingo it saw it. So a fresh reset of the speaker is needed to pair with the capsule, so it’s the speakers fault not the capsule. Thanks for your help.

Good to hear worked eventually.

You shouldn’t need to reset speaker, you should have got it working just turning off then on.

But yes everything else you’re correct, since it was last powered on, if you did connect it to something else then… Power off/on. Your connect to iPad then (without power cycle) connect to capsule is where it begins to go wrong.

You probably have Bluetooth versions 4.1 4.2 and 5 now and can only disconnect connect between same versions, otherwise have to power cycle.

So next time I suggest don’t reset, just power cycle.

Might be good to now to turn speaker off on then connect to iPad, then turn off on and connect to Capsule. If I’m correct it will work, so I’m interested if you can do that so I know next time if a speaker reset is required.

Tried back and forth with turning it on and off, no success, but when a reset is done it will pair every time with each device that is first to be selected. It only takes a few seconds to reset. I will try and do a firmware upgrade on the speaker, but that’s not proving as easy, as it’s not seen by my pc with a usb, and the app doesn’t function over BT. But we have a work around so problem over. Thanks again for your help and advice, it was very useful.

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Not saying you are wrong, but… often why the reset works when power cycling doesn’t work is there is some other paired device in range with its bluetooth on which the speaker attempts and succeeds to connect with and the problem then returns.

However, if the reset method is the easiest for you, then fine…

Once the speaker is working with the capsule, so long as you don’t connect it later to something else, it should all keep working.

Dedicating speakers to specific devices is inherently the most stable if you own enough speakers to do that.

You had an issue with a JBL speaker, but I have a Soundcore Motion+ with the same issue and I just reset it and paired solely with one device to fix issues.

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