Capsule Max Remote stopped working

Hello, I have a Capsule Max projector which has worked very well for more than a year. Tonight the remote stopped working. The red LED lights up, but that is all. It doesn’t do anything, neither in controller nor in mouse mode. Any hints how to fix this?
I already tried fresh batteries to no avail.
Thanks in advance.

Contact maybe they can sell you a remote or send you one. It wouldn’t hurt to at least try

I would suggest you try to use the Nebula Connect App on your smartphone for immediate needs. It works via the Bluetooth connection.

iOS APP Store

Google Playstore

Make sure there is no dirt or any blockage on Capsule Max IR RECEIVER (small round black patch front / back of Capsule) as well as the Remote’s IR transmitter, give it a smooth clean-up, just to make sure.

Also reach out to Nebula Support if they could help with the situation.