Capsule Max power control through app

For some crazy reason, Anker has decided to make the power on/off issue unavailable through the app. You have to manually power down or use the remote. The feature is present on the Capsule and Mars II units that I own but is unavailable on the Capsule Max. I recently confirmed this with support in the event that I was missing something. They confirmed my findings. To the developers, I I would highly suggest that if you are pushing the app to perform all the features of the hardware, then this needs to be updated!

Hi There,

Thanks for bringing us your concerns.

In this case, please be noted that for Capsule Max, it does have the power on/down button like the Capsule and Mars 2 in our Nebula Connect app. The model currently doesn’t have is our Capsule 2 because it has a special “N” button for Netflix. But the team is working on improvement and hopefully we will have that in the near future.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.

Anker Support Team

I appreciate the response. However, when you select the “power” button with the app, it does not open the screen that allows you to select to - power off, standby, reboot or bluetooth. Instead, when you select the power button it will immediately place the Capsule Max in standby but will not shut the unit down. The requires use of the remote or manual on the unit itself.