Capsule Max - Netflix won’t accept device

Just recieved my new Capsule Max, and am enjoying it, but for some reason I can log in to Netflix, but I only get to the choose user page, and from there I get an error message…

Hi There,

Thanks for letting us know your problem.

We haven’t encountered such issues. But could you please try the following suggestions to see if any help?

  1. Make sure that the Date&Time of your Capsule Max is up to date
  2. Try a different WiFi Network
  3. Clear data through App manager>Netflix>clear data
  4. Recovery: settings>about>recovery

If above doesn’t help, I would appreciate you could contact us at for further help. Thank you!

Anker Support Team

I am having the same issue trying to connect Netflix through the Connect app.

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I found a solution yesterday, this is a Netflix problem and not a Capsule problem.

After creating a new Netflix password (something that was only possible after cleaning up cookies in my browser) I was able to log on from Capsule.

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