Capsule II - great with some early gaps

Just got the Capsule II from Kickstarter,
Really great little device. It’s got everything you’d want that was missing from my Capsule I.

But it looks like some apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Curiosity Stream, and AirPlay are not yet available.

Any ETA?

I tried side loading but did not find a version yet that worked.


I don’t know that these apps will be added. I’m not an expert for nebula, but I think I remember someone saying this was a “slimmed down android os”…

Knowing that it is an Android Fork / Android TV, there is definitely a way to sideload apps on it.

However I would contact Anker Support / Nebula Support, to ensure the warranty is not void, tempering with the software for support.

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Wow! Those apps would really make this Capsule II a better than fantastic device! Are you seeing the apps on the menu but can’t launch them? I have several Rokus laying around the house and could connect that to the Capsule but if it already is built-in then why bother… Hopefully they have an update for you!

Support provided some links. Waiting for a resend for Netflix, since the linked app did not install.
Their amazon prime download works and I have a bunch of other apps working including a side loaded Curiosity Stream.

For now I can use the FireTV stick and Capsule I. I also have a bunch of other devices across the house, so the state is not desperate.

Capsule II is a really nice improvement over Capsule I.


Good to know support was quick to respond with details, thank you @hstriepe for posting

Kodi seems to be the best app for media play from flash stick.

Can you share those links and the side loading method?

Dish Anywhere for Android TV v 2.2.3 works. The latest one crashes - most likely on the login screen. The earlier version uses an activation code with web login.
Curiosity Stream v2.9.5 works - earlier version will self update

Netflix for Android works, but requires a mouse emulator. I used 4.6
In general, you can find APKs on
The easiest is download them to your computer, copy them to a flash stick, and then install them with ES Explorer available on the Google Play store. You will have to give ES Explorer permission to install.

I have been in touch with Anker and they do not seem to mind side loading. If something goes haywire, you can just reset the device to factory firmware.

Side loading is awesome! Hopefully you won’t have any issues!

Nebula posted an update last night.
But there is still no certified version of Netflix for Android TV. The standard version is ok, but the UI is not great.

Also noticed that the Flash space provided is rather less than it should be. This device really needs 16GB or at least a microSD slot to add capacity.

I too went to add Netflix today and was disappointed it was not there. I emailed them and I am waiting to hear back. I would think it would be pretty basic. they have everything else, why not the number 1 streaming service.

Netflix actually has to approve each Android TV device it runs on.

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