Capsule II Demos

Check out the following demos of Nebula’s Capsule II in action!

Agenda Today!

What’s in the Box

Android TV

HD Picture

Sound Quality

The Google Assistant

Demo of Add-ons

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And don’t forget that their campaign ends on Christmas, so head over to Nebula’s Kickstarter page to back Capsule II now! They recently announced a $2 million stretch goal.

Have your thoughts on Capsule II changed after seeing these demos? Let us know with a reply down below!


This is good for the backers to invest so much in the 2nd product version.

For me this sits in an ecosystem of options. I already have a Smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, Chromecast. The Nebula II’s amount of pixels I can get in a 3 year old $99 phone with more brightness. The Nebula’s size I can already get with a HDMI cable off my phone or tablet to a display or even smaller with a Chromecast. I have plenty of Soundcore speakers, very small from Nano upwards. Flatscreen TVs "55 came up recently for $199.

If this were a $99-$199 product I’d be in why not mode but … do we need to pay $349 for a 720p projector?

I’m sure version 3 will be where this get interesting, more brightness and resolution, and version 4 where manufacturing costs drop and so a $199 price appears.


Totally agree with everything that you said @nigelhealy

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Well I can field test this Nebula and get back to you all with an honest opinion.

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Demo of Add-ons

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