Capsule II coming

42% discount WOW.

But Anker usually makes a very high initial price to then make 42% look big.

Given the Capsule is selling $265 now, implies Capsule II is $600 RRP to “early bird” in the $350 region.

$350 for a 720p projector still seems high to me relative to just using a Chromebook or Chromecast. The value-prop of these projectors is not yet there for me. Doubling brightness is good, but it moves from feeble to less feeble.

$99 is the price I’d buy at. If Anker wants to give me a $99 price to evaluate it I’d pay that.


I’m guessing based on the first early bird release price that they will be aiming at the $269-$299 mark…with final retail price (the post 1-2 weeks after release) at around $399…but yes the resolution vs price point still is off compared to others similar versions on the market…wasn’t expecting 4K but 1080p surely isn’t that much of a stretch these days :thinking:


I hope do they it how they did with the first one where you’ll be able to get a bundle for $200 for the first 50 or so people i believe it was. I would try to buy it if its $200, but if its more then that I wont bother.

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Wow, awesome, thanks for sharing!

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Eh, not very interesting.