Capsule II | Coming Soon to KICKSTARTER!

Capsule II: The Sequel is Coming…

720p HD Picture. 100% Brighter. 3,600+ Native Apps.

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Thoughts?! Note that 100% brighter means 200 ANSI lumens.


If they could manage a higher brightness then this would be a killer deal. But 200 lumen is mediocre at best.there are a bunch of slim projectors that have better brightness than this.


Agreed…same with the resolution, wasn’t expecting 4K but 1080p is not that much of a stretch these days for the price range it will likely be…


Yep, 300, even 350 lumens at least and 1080p would be nice. Standard Android TV (not aptoide) + google services would be nice. Horizontal and vertical auto keystone is a must. Deeper tripod attachment connector.
Better dynamic range!
USB C ports - at least 2 (one with PD) :smiley:

Any idea what date it is coming?

Well know in 7 days :wink:

The Kickstarter for Capsule II will start on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET. There will be 500 42% super early bird discounts available.

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It is Live on Kickstarter.

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All gone already. Early Bird discounts are flying like crazy too - only 50 left as I write this. I guess the combos will be the next to go - great idea, by the way, to include gamepads in the combos!

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