Capsule II color saturation too high

I just recently got the Nebula Capsule II and am pretty happy with it. The main problem I have is that the color saturation is too high. The reds are very harsh and sometimes look hot pink. There are no fine color adjustments I can find. Only cool, normal, and warm. Even at warm, the reds are un-natural.
Any ideas on how to fix this? Is my unit defective?

Hi @Terry_Richards , Nebula II has Projector setting for 3 Image display modes (Auto / Standard / battery) and 3 Color temperature modes (Normal / Cool / Warm)

You may want to trial & error run choosing the Image Display Mode and Color Temperature mode.

The best I feel is – Image Display Mode – Battery , Color Temperature – Cool, should reduce the warmth and brightness a bit.

Check if there is a software / firmware update available via the settings. This may also remove any issues with earlier firmware, and fix the image quality.

Also reach-out to Nebula Support to get an official resolution / next steps.

I’ve tried a multitude of settings. I’m also on the latest firmware. I don’t understand why there aren’t regular adjustments like on a TV.

thanks for confirming, Nebula Support should be able to provide an answer to the cause of color saturation.

Do write an email to them, note that there may be a delay in response due to holidays (May 1st to May 5th) for Annual Labor day celebrations in China, so be patient with the response from them.

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I just purchased a new Capsule 2 and am experiencing the same issue. color temperature is way too warm (I can’t tell the difference when I change from Normal to Cool).

Did you ever figure out how to fix/change this? BTW, I’m using the Amazon Prime app loaded on the capsule.

This can’t be fixed through the settings?

No, there is still no fix. I even got an exchange. Same issue. I can’t understand why they can’t put traditional color, gamma, sharpness controls. We are stuck with warm, normal, and cool. Not good enough, especially when it comes from the factory with such a warm color setting.

No fix, even after an exchange. I’ve tried all the video apps, all with the same issue. I play the same apps side by side with my Samsung Galaxy tab S6, and the picture quality is very noticeable.