Capsule II Bluetooth speaker pairing mode

Hi there, I am having a issue with my new Capsule 2, I did connect my cellphone with bluetooth speaker mode, but suddenly it does not connect any more with anything, thus it remains on solid blue, and I cannot enter pairing mode with it, I try holding + and - buttons and nothing happens. Please help! Also It does not appear as paired device on my cellphone.

Any help is appreciated!

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Delete the Bluetooth pairing on your phone and also go into the capsules Bluetooth setting and delete the profile there as well.

Can I ask what you are trying to accomplish pairing your phone to the capsules Bluetooth?

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@felicianopalma if you are trying to connect as speaker, make sure to press the double sided arrow button to enter Bluetooth mode, enable BT ON Smartphone and search/ connect Capsule II.

Also before using the projector as standalone BT SPEAKER, connect the remote control app (Nebula Connect App) via BT.

Control only via Nebula Connect app for BT speak mode.

Also drop a note to Nebula Support if you continue to have the issue.

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Thank you all for the replies.
@Tank I am trying to pair my phone to use it as a standalone bluetooth speaker.
Unfortunately, I tried to delete the profile, and also reset the Capsule 2 to factory settings and it keeps the SOLID BLUE.
Is there a way to force a pairing mode in Bluetooth speaking mode? (NOT in Proyector Mode).

@Shenoy also tried via the APP and nothing happens…

Please help! Thnks

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@felicianopalma i dont have the Capsule II but the original Capsule, which too can operate as a Bluetooth Speaker.

Will test now and get back to you.

Also drop a note to Nebula Support with the issue. Also (if and only if possible)
take a video or screenshots of the issue and attach to the email. Provide this community post link as well.

@Ankerofficial @AnkerSupport

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I just tested this with my Capsule. Started Nebula Capsule in Projector mode, connected the Nebula Connect App via BT.
Pressed the double sided arrow to change to BT speaker (I never do the Bluetooth Speaker mode as i have other Soundcore Speakers for Audio speakers)
Tried pairing with Nebula Capsule as BT SPEAKER.
I was able to replicate the same issue.

However i got it to working in BT speaker doing the below

  • Switched back to Projector mode pressing double sided arrow.
  • Closed the Nebula Connect App on my iphone.
  • Disabled / Enabled the Bluetooth on iphone.
  • Pressed double sided arrow on Nebula Capsule to switch to BT SPEAKER.
  • Tried to pair the Nebula Capsule in Bluetooth option.
  • This time it allowed me to pair with, got a pop-up for 6digit number to pair with Capsule as speaker and was able to pair and play music.

If the Nebula Capsule is connected via BT TO Nebula Connect App, it does not seem to let the speaker pairing.

Can you try the above and let us know if this fixes your issue.

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Nope… I tried all above and nothing, it keeps solid blue but it does not connect to bluetooth pairing mode (in SPEAKER MODE). Is there any way to FORCE pairing mode? The double sided arrow button just change modes, it does not have pairing mode function? (Aside from being automatic) Can it be done manually?

Thanks, Ill think I will contact support.

According to the manual, you need to make sure first the remote is connected via Bluetooth…if it works then its connected. Now you need to press the Bluetooth button which is the middle button to byon the capsule and go into your phone settings and select the capsule.