Capsule II Auto Focus still working when turned off

Even after turning off auto focus in settings the projector continues to auto focus when watching content on HDMI

My issue with the focus is the screen totally went blur after few minutes of projection! And Auto Focus does not work when moving the Nebula around! Help!

Mine drifts out of focus while watching movies, a few seconds after autofocusing. Also manual focus in settings merely engages autofocus instead of giving manual control. Ugh.

Documentation is horrific at this point, which seems to be the evolving standard with consumer technology these days, so the manual focus is hard to figure out, especially since it seems to simply do the same thing as holding the source button on the remote for two seconds, when the “Manual Focus” item is clicked.

Here’s how it works: When you click Manual Focus, the blue focus pattern appears on the screen and it tries to autofocus first, I’m guessing to give you as good a starting point as possible. Then, WHILE THE PATTERN IS STILL ON THE SCREEN, press the volume rocker +/- to adjust the focus.

Of course, next time you do this is will autofocus again, rather than letting you just tweak the focus from where is was, so every manual focus is a full-effort step.

Anker, this UI (among a lot of other stuff in the UI) could use some major improvement in a future update.

Also, turning autofocus “off” in settings does nothing. It still autofocuses, and still drifts out of focus. I kind of imagined (silly me) that turning autofocus off, and then using manual focus, would make the Nebula 2 stay focused in a fixed location… but alas, it doesn’t. This means that whatever bug is making it drift out of focus during my attempts at watching movies, continues to happen, regardless of whether autofocus is on or off.

I got a new Nebula Capsule II. Facing the same problem. Autofocus does not work. It always focuses very close, around 3 inches from screen. Manual focus does not work. Only a clicking sound is heard while pressing vol key during manual focussing. Doesn’t work even if autofocus is switched off. Is the focusing mechanism of lens defective? And I am unable to update firmware. Says it failed…
UPDATE!! Update!..the Auto and manual focus both surprisingly started working on their own on the third day of trying. The projector is working perfectly now, and is an amazing and very sophisticated device. The autofocus is instantaneous and perfect. Projector is very bright and clear and loud for such a small thing. Chromecast and mirroring of Samsung galaxy S8 is almost lag free. Very good for professional presentations using smartphones with Chromecast. Android version is latest. The Mic in remote catches Google assist search words accurately.
No web browser though. I hope the lens autofocus does not get jammed again.