Capsule 2 USB incompatibility (MAC vs. Android) the battle continues

I’ve seen this a few times already and if known I wouldn’t have bought an Android device projector. so my MAC OS ExFAT USB has my movies in it and are now incompatible with the Android OS, I do get the file explorer to work and it shows the movie files but says “you do not have an app to use this”. So is this truly a Mac vs. Android format issue? I’m a Mac guy and all my movies are bought through itunes. do I now need tot re-rent them on Google play or Prime? Thx - C

Two separate issues.

Any film you downloaded under iTunes is not really going to play outside of the system you downloaded on as the file will be locked to the device. That’s not a Mac or Android issue but DRM to stop theft.

You need a standalone non-locked playable file, like a MP4 with common combination of codec which will play on any media player.

Separate issue is filesystem type. Correct you need it as FAT32, again to play on anything, you can make a USB stick FAT32 and copy any unlocked media files via that to any device including the projector.

And it isn’t really Mac vs Android, it’s highly proprietary locked closed ecosystem Apple, vs the entire rest of technology open portable unlocked systems.

Apple just want your money and closed systems to make you buy more of theirs, it’s none’s fault other than Apple.


It’s caused by Apple and their OS.

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@professor Response pretty much covers everything…all digital film platforms (well legal ones) use DRM to cutdown on copyright theft / sharing etc… only with Apple you are tied to the Apple ecosystem or namely their apps which can decode the DRM once your device is authorised against your iTunes account…

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