Capsule 2 and BT soundbar

Hi all.
I have a Nebula Capsule 2 and a Bluetooth soundbar from Samsung. I successfully connect the soundbar when pairing through Bluetooth, but when I shut down both and on again, the connection is not remembered. Anyone had this issue and know how to fix? It’s a nuisance to have to repair every time

I have completely different products… Capsule and Vizio Soundbar / Subwoofer system… the Capsule connects to Vizio Everytime, as long as it is in Bluetooth mode… Works smoothly.

You may want to reach out to Nebula Support. and get this validated.

Thank you, when you say: “when it’s in Bluetooth mode” I’m guessing you are referring to the speaker itself, and not the capsule?
I can se in the settings of the capsule that the speaker is paired, but not connected, and I can’t select to connect anywhere. So I have to remove it and pair it again to be successful. This is the tedious bit

yes, was referring to the Vizio soundbar being in Bluetooth mode. For Auto connection, first put the Vizio in Bluetooth mode before I power on the capsule. Once Capsule boots and loads to the main page, it pairs automatically to Capsule.

if i miss to put Vizio to BT mode before Capsule loads up, then I have to manually connect / pair, but just need to connect, don’t need to remove and pair.

You may want to reach out to support and get it checked.

Hi!! Did you get a work arround this? l need to re-pair my Capsule 2 each time I turn it on, it remebers all my speakers, but I can’t get a “connect” button, regardles of the speaker, tried several brands… so need to re pair again, also cannot access the settings button on the volume pop up when its move up or down… Please Help!

Hello all, I to have the same issue with connecting to a portable LG Bluetooth speaker, every time I switch the capsule 2 back on I have to un-pair and re-pair the bluetooth connection to regain sound output. I’ve also experienced no sound at all via Bluetooth when connecting a Nintendo switch to the unit via HDMI it automatically reverts back to sound from just the capsule2 does anyone know of a work around for that ?

Also seeing the same issue. I’ve got a polk soundbar that I can connect to via bluetooth with the capsule 2. When I first pair the device, audio comes out through the polk soundbar rather than the projector as expected. On each other instance of the capsule 2 powering on, audio reverts to playing through the capsule 2 itself, and going to devices I can see the soundbar is “paired” but have no option to “connect” to change the audio output.

I’ve attempted the workaround @Shenoy mentioned of turning on the soundbar first and putting it in BT mode prior to turning on the capsule 2, but that didn’t work either.

Also experiencing @ps.av’s issue where changing the connection to the HDMI port with a Nintendo Switch plugged in will interrupt the connection to the bluetooth soundbar and will revert to playing audio through the capsule 2.

Please advise as it is a major nuisance to unpair and repair the bluetooth soundbar, and I expect the audio to continue outputting through the selected speaker when switching between HDMI input or casting to the projector etc.

Its unfortunate no one from Anker has replied to this yet. I guess the Capsule 2 being a speaker in itself makes it less important to have sound output to other speakers.