Capacity Issue Powercore Slim 10000 PD

I got my power core slim 6 months ago and haven’t used it often, maybe 5-10 times. When charging my MacBook while in a Zoom session, I noticed that the charge of the MacBook didn’t go up at all and the power core was empty after less than 2 hours.

So I did the following: I charged the power core until all LEDs were on and then an additional hour, LEDs were off at that point and the power core should be at 100%. My Macbook was at 16% with 668mah charge according to the App battery monitor. Then I plugged in the power core and turned off the MacBook so it would not use up battery. After a couple of hours the power core was completely empty, LEDs off. The Macbook was at 67% and 2905mah. So The power core was only charging my Macbook with 2200mah instead of 10000mah. This confirmed my impression from the Zoom sessions.

I contacted Anker and got a replacement. Not I repeated the test and the new Powercore behaves exactly the same. it only charges the MacBook about 2000mah instead of the promised 10000mah. I know there is some charge loss due to fast charging and the MacBook using a little battery even when in sleep, but the power core delivers only about 1/5 of what it’s supposed to, this can’t be right? How can both units be faulty?

In contrast, I also have a power core 20000. It charges the MacBook about 5 times as long and instead of the battery staying the same % while charging, the power bank actually fully charges my MacBook even when in a long Zoom session. So there is definitely a huge difference and in my opinion this shows that the problem doesn’t lie with my laptop. Also btw I tested this on two different MacBooks. They each have about 4000mah capacity, so the power core should charge then 2,5 times, not 1/2 times.

Is there something that I’m missing or why are two different power cores faulty?

First impressions is it’s a fault, email with proof of purchase, serial number and description of issue.

It also may be about right in that you only get 2/3rds of the energy anyway and if you make it work at high load it will shutdown earlier with less output. I’ll look again later but kick off the email now :rofl:

2/3 would be okay but 1/5? I did email Anker’s support, that’s how I got the replacement unit. But since this second unit charges exactly the same amount, I wondered if I did something wrong or maybe misunderstood how these mah and wh numbers work. I don’t know anything about electricity but in the Description on Amazon it says “iPhone XS 2.4 charges” which definitely isn’t true for me.

Which exact model of MacBook?

In general you can’t use mAh, have to use Wh as cells at different voltages.

A smaller Powercore would shut down before empty as it can’t sustain the voltage at the required Watts.

The latest MacBook Air M1, 2020. According to MacTracker it has a 4370mAh, 49.9Wh battery.

Cool so look at the voltage

The Powercore is a 3.7V so 37Wh, I think, read it off yours

You lose roughly a third in the process of recharge, most of it in the receiving side.

So 37/49.9/3*2 = 0.5

I.e. the 10000 should give a half recharge not a 1/5th.

Reasons why it doesn’t is:

  • the Powercore is not actually empty , it could not sustain 18W all the way to empty. Let it cool down then press powr button you may see lights on showing not empty.
  • faulty.

Thank you, that makes sense. They should explain this in the description, not sure how people are supposed to know this.:smile:

So if you understand it’s still a reasonable criticism the product doesn’t do what you thought it could.

If the reason it’s less than half the capacity than it should be is due to Wattage, then sometimes using the USB A port which is 10W helps, but your Mac probably won’t work with that.