Can't turn on Anker SoundSync Drive Bluetooth Handsfree Car Receiver AK-A3351011

Hello, trying to turn on the device in a car. Can’t get any life signs from it.

No lights on starting the engine,
No lights after pushing the center button for many seconds.
No lights after unplugging and plugin USB back again.

I’m lost here. Brand new piece, that wasn’t used before.

I would appreciate any troubleshooting ideas.


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Is there a “light” to be seen when you plug it into a charger?
Are you sure its fully charged?

No lights on the device when I plug it in. Or when holding buttons, trying to turn it on manually.

And I believe it’s not supposed to be charged.

This is the device:

Seems its defective.
You should contact the support.

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Email support asap so you can get another unit or get your money back

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