Can't pair soundcore pro with my device

I recently bought Anker soundcore pro. I tried pairing the device with my phone and i can’t see it in the “available devices” list. The speaker is on and the “bluetooth light” is blinking meaning its in “pairing mode” but i can’t see the device on my phone. I have tried this with different phones with no avail. And yes the bluetooth is on in my phone.

Anyone has this problem? how do you solve it?

What phone do you have? Also sometimes you hae to refresh your phones bluetooth connection in order for it to see other devices

I tried this with sony xperia x and with samsung a5. i did refresh the bluetooth but still can’t see the speaker

Hold down the volume up and volume down button together for 3 to 5 secinds to force the speaker into pairing mode. And try again

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Yeah, we’ll that’s the quiet the trend for the soundcore pro. Had the same issue, eventually the pro died because I couldn’t charge or recharge. Anker couldn’t replace because apparently the pro is undergoing an upgrade.