Can't pair Anker Soundbuds Slim to MSI laptop

Hi guys, just bought an anker soundbuds slim and it worked great with my iphone. However, when I turned on my laptop bluetooth, nothing showed up. I’m using windows 10 and its an MSI GT72 2QE. The bluetooth is 4.0 and seems up to date (can’t find any driver beyond may 18 2016) and is a Qualcomm Atheros ar3012. I’ve done troubleshooting on windows, nothing showed up on the bluetooth add device setting. I can see the rest of my stuff but not the Soundbuds slim.

Anyone has any recommendation on what else to do?

I have a pair of the slims and have paired them to iOS, Android, and Windows 10 computers. Your computer should pair.

I would contact @AnkerSupport by email and see if they can help you out. Their email is . Make sure to give them the serial number and give them the steps you have already complete. They may have some tricks to get it to connect.

Maybe some of the others have some ideas to get you connected.

Have you tried the obvious - the Slim will NOT show up on your MSI as it is currently paired to your iphone? Either disconnect the Slim from your iphone or hit the pairing buttons (vol + and - together for a few seconds) til the blue flashing light then look for items on the MSI to pair.

Your BT devices have to be in pairing mode to then be paired, if you paired with something already, and it is connected, then it is not seeing to pair, then it won’t appear to other devices for pairing.


@Element321 @nigelhealy Thank you so much for your response. @nicky_soh Make sure forget the pairing history on your iphone and update a driver on your Laptop to have a try. If not helps, feel free to contact with your serial number and order number. We will cover an 18-month warranty regarding any quality issue related. Thanks.