Can't log into EufyLife Security Community Forums..

Tried to log into the Eufy community forums to make a post but when I log into and click the community forums link it shows me as not logged in. When I back up to the EufyLife website I’m still logged in… it’s very frustrating. Does it the same for the Eufy app and in multiple safe mode browsers… I even disabled 2FA…

Any help?

I’m going crazy right now… anyone else having trouble logging out and into the forums? Could someone please test logging into / out of the Security Community Forums?

Tested and get the same issue for the Eufy community, I would suggest dropping them an email at…chances are it will be resolved before you get a response but at least it puts it on their radar if they are not aware of the issue.

I just tried and works ok for me , logged in

Just tested and no issues. Try it again now and Drop in an email to if any issues.

Won’t login for me still