Can't get Ultra Compact Jump Starter to work

There either is no support or I can’t find it (under support, there’s no option to speak, email or talk to anyone, just info about the warranty) so I’m not sure where else to go.

I can’t get this thing to work. Here is the product I bought for Christmas of 2016

I had tried it in 2017 but could never get it to work but that was a pretty old battery so I gave the jump kit the benefit of the doubt. After I replaced the battery with a new battery, I haven’t had the need to use this jumper. Then we got that Polar Vortex thingy all the weather people love…

The battery pack is at 100%. The light goes green when it connects to the car. Then…nothing happens when I try to turn the car on. I tried to turn on the headlights like a support thing I had seen in another thread said but that just killed the car even more (for example, my car door will ding since the door is open but if I turn on the headlights, it knocks everything out).

If I let the car sit for a bit and then try plugging everything in again, I can get my doors to ding but still can’t get the car to start.

The car is a 99 Buick Sable (so 3.0 L V6) so that shouldn’t be an issue according to the product description. I have tried jumping it from the cold and I have tried letting the battery sit in the car for a while and then trying to start the car. From everything I’ve read on the device, it’s doing everything it is supposed to be doing except for actually getting the car to start…

Anyone have any ideas or a way to contact company support to get this figured out?

Thank you

Reach out to

As far as this working, treat it like any other jump pack in that you want it to stay connected to the battery for a bit if time, especially in the extreme cold as that takes a toll on even a brand new battery. The colder it is the longer it will take to charge

Now that it’s warming back up, the jump pack is working better and better (it’s still not turning over but it’s lasting longer and it’s catching, just not quite enough).

Which to be kind of blunt, really sucks. Like…I get that it’s super cold right now but it feels like this jumper is essentially useless then. Jumping a battery in the cold seems like the only time I’d ever use something like this (and was specifically why I bought the product) but if it can’t handle below 0 temperatures, what’s the point of it?

All well, thank you for your suggestion anyway.

Not many batteries can handle temps below zero. Even commercial packs struggle with extreme cold, and those are massive 1000 cranking amps. Word if advice, once your pack is fully charged let it stay connected to your car battery and do not crank it. Let it sit for say 5 minutes, wiggle the cables to see if you get a spark and if so then try to crank.