Can't enter space in wifi password during setup

I’m unable to enter my wifi password when setting up my smart plugs. The app won’t let me use the space character in the password field. I’ve even tried pasting the password.

I could changed my wifi password, but then I would have to setup a bunch of other devices. Whats the reason for now allowing a space in the wifi password?

iPhone xs max on iOS 12.0.1 with the latest app update. Reinstalling doesn’t solve the problem.

At a guess I would it’s for security, like Office 365 accounts not allowing spaces or angle brackets. I remember at one stage it was also tied down in Windows OS for passwords…

Drop an email to and they should be able to clarify why it’s not permitted.


@Chad_Strauch We are sorry that spaces are not allowed considering some customers may input the character by accident and so the device cannot be connected to Wifi successfully. It seems the only solution is to reset your wifi password. We are so sorry for the hassle.

Could you please also let me know if space is at the start or the end of your password? We’ll surely forward your feedback to our product team so they can be made aware of it and make improvements in future evaluations.

Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.


It doesn’t matter where the space is in the password, the text field will not accept them. My password is something like “my wifi password”.

Here is the answer I received from the support email.

I am sorry to tell you that currently, for the IOS devices, it indeed has the space (" ") character limitation. As for the Android devices, it does not have such limitation. I have forwarded this to our concerned team. Now we are working to improve our app and the 2.0 version will come soon, which will solve this input character issues.


I know this is old but did you ever get an answer? Just purchased a homebase2 and I have a couple of spaces in my WiFi password which the app doesn’t like, I’m using android though!?

I’m on Android and I cannot enter the spaces in my Wi-Fi password.