Can't Change Homebase 2 Hidden Network Channel.

The Hidden Wifi Channel of the Homebase 2 is always using the same Frequency as Home network. When i change my Homenetwork channel the Homebase 2 changes to. Basic knowledge that this is giving interference. Please try to find a solution. Thx.

Manual override for the WiFi/wireless channel used by Homebase 2 and its bound devices. PLEASE EUFY WAKE UP!
Are you really making the exact same mistake arlo/netgear made? To not allow owners of a homebase to change the 2.4GHz channel it uses for its comms?
How hard is it to put an Advanced settings tab in the app? Come on.
AGAIN, all our cameras suddenly not reachable, because the stupid homebase hidden SSID changed channels. Fucking pathetic feature.

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If you cared about Eufy reading your posts then suggest you do it in the place they created.

You may also get a more focused help, workarounds etc there.

I have yet to see anyone at anker ever listening to user input. It’s useless. If a feature this obviously retarded is still not fixed (I’ve asked them to do this over the phone a year ago), it never will be.
Been there done that with arlo/netgear. None of these idiot millennial business-startups understand what users really want.

Did you register a ticket with them via email.
Did you encourage all those with similar issues to similarly raise a ticket via email?
Did you get a response to your ticket (s)?

I suggest try those methods first. These communities are more for peer help and not really the best way to communicate directly. There’s a good chance what you wrote here is not being observed. Tickets are a good way to get attention as they are tracked, open tickets is an issue.

I don’t own these products, can’t help.

Bedankt voor uw goede uitleg :+1::wave: